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About Michelle Foyle

I am a registered Counsellor with PACFA and CAPA. My professional qualifications include Bachelor of Social Science, Diploma of Counselling and Groupwork, Graduate Diploma in Couple & Family Therapy and Masters of Couple & Family Therapy. My work has revolved around helping families and individuals manage separation and the complex issues that arise be it grief and loss, anxiety, stress, parenting, communication and trauma. I also work with couples experiencing difficulties connecting and communicating. I have worked with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression stress and reactivity to explore new techniques and strategies to manage. My dominant approach would be to understand the whole context with a relationship focus. Other approaches are based on individual needs.


RESPECT for unique individual issues and circumstances allowing patience for change.

COMMITMENT to provide a quality service and work toward change with integrity and compassion.

COMPASSION & UNDERSTANDING providing a compassionate and empathic environment to talk about your circumstances.

HOPE in times of distress to hope for a happier future.