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Work towards life satisfaction

Counselling can provide an opportunity to help you find a pathway through your difficulties. Working through difficult life stages and circumstances and having someone to talk to and hear your concerns can be empowering. Whether you have difficulties as an individual, couple or family, counselling can help create positive change.

Individual Therapy

Individual counselling can help with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma or relationship difficulties. Difficulties can be hard to navigate at times. Counselling can help create new strategies to manage and shed light on unhelpful patterns.

Couple Therapy

Couple counselling can be helpful when you are struggling to find a connection or to communicate with each other. These times can be difficult and it may be that finding new patterns of connection and communication could enhance your relationship for the long term.

Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

Family Therapy can be useful when you are experiencing difficult life stages and parenting issues which may be hard to navigate. There may have been negative patterns or interactions created in the past. Counselling can help to create new positive patterns and connections. Individual child and adolescnt counselling is also available and this can be helpful for children to have someone who can help them sort through difficult experiences that they find it hard to work out.

Trauma Counselling

Utilizing different techniques in Emotional Freedom Technique and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy can help with anxiety and depression PTSD and panic attacks. Working with trauma can help to create more successful relationships and a happier life. 

 Managing stress and anger can help create a more satisfying life and lead to better relationships

Strengthening Relationships now for the future.